Watertown Placed on Alert After Category Orange Designation

WATERTOWN — According to recent data released by the State of Connecticut Department of Health, Watertown has been placed on an alert due to an uptake of confirmed COVID-19 cases. Due to the increase Council Chair, Mary Ann Rosa, has suspended all in person Town meetings until further notice.

Watertown Interim Town Manager, John Gavallas said “Watertown is now in category Orange, with 12.2 cases per 100,000 population per day. Watertown’s positivity rate is 2.3. Obviously, this new spike cannot be ignored. As a result, I am directing our Police Department to step up enforcement of violations of any CDC guidelines put in place by the Governor. I strongly recommend all of our residents renew their emphasis on mask wearing, hand washing, and social distancing. In addition, limit group sizes, postpone indoor activities where mask wearing and social distancing cannot be maintained. In the event this spike continues, and Watertown enters category Red, we may have to consider additional steps to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.”

Board of Education Chairwoman, Leslie Crotty stated “In an effort to decrease the amount of additional people entering our school buildings, all Board of Education meetings will be fully remote until further notice. We are happy to collaborate with the Town in working to eliminate opportunities for potential community spreading.”

Dr. John Ramos said “Given the current Covid-19 related circumstances, spectators will not be able to attend Watertown Public Schools athletic events until further notice; all such events are live-streamed, however. In addition, any organization using public school facilities will be required to apply all school district protocols and practices, including the restriction of fans. Our effort is to enable the student athletes to continue being active while keeping them and everyone else as safe as possible.”

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