Watertown Parks and Recreation Commission: Suspension Issued for Assault  at Crestbrook Park Golf Course

WATERTOWN — The Parks and Recreation Commission Crestbrook Park Golf Course subcommittee meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday, January 2 was cancelled due to lack of quorum. The Parks and Recreation regularly scheduled meeting took place at 7 p.m. Thursday, January 2 when the commission reviewed several correspondences, ongoing business items and new business items.

The commission discussed a suspension letter to Christopher Robin Dupont in response to his arrest for assault in the first degree on the Crestbrook Park Golf Course.

In the letter, Lisa Carew, director of Watertown Parks and Recreation, stated the town’s policy for a violence-free work zone. Threatening and intimidating language or action is not tolerated.

She continued that in accordance with the 2019 Information Booklet for Crestbrook Park Golf Course, items number 17 and 18, “warnings and immediate suspension may be given to any course rule violation by the director of parks and recreation, golf professional and or golf foreman; and the suspended golfer may apply for a hearing with Parks and Recreation Commission in writing within five days after receipt of formal suspension notice. 

“The hearing will be held at the next commission meeting. A majority vote of those commissioners making a quorum will decide on the appeal.”

The second letter was from Ms. Carew to Susan Zappone, acting town manager and finance director, about the recommended rates and fees for Crestbrook Park Golf Course for 2020.

Chairman William Donston said that the new rates were approved by the town council and remain the same as last year, with the exception of junior rates, which have decreased. The cart renting rates have also been slightly adjusted and vary depending on the nine or 18 holes of golf.

The third piece of correspondence was about a food truck festival advertisement from the Watertown/Oakville Crime Stoppers. According to Mr. Donston, the regulations permit one food truck only at events specifically for tournaments.

The event would require multiple food trucks which had already been approved by the Sunset Grille at Crestbrook Park Restaurant. The commission said the approval should not have been given because approval is needed from the Parks and Recreation Department.

Ms. Carew stated that this event is replacing the Crime Stoppers annual ziti dinner. The commission discussed the event and addressed some concerns including parking, interference with the golf course during peak hours and bathrooms.

The commission felt that it was a charitable event that could benefit the community and the hosting group. The commission approved the festival and the multiple food trucks with the condition that the commission’s questions are answered and that it is understood that this is a one time exception.

The commission discussed subcommittee reports. Due to lack of attendance for the Crestbrook Park Golf Course and the Facilities and Fields subcommittees, Sabra Lorusso, commission member, gave an update for the Youth Scholarship subcommittee.

She said that after town resident Tyler Palmer passed away this past year, the committee decided to create a scholarship and tournament event in his memory. She said the committee set a date for 3 p.m. Thursday, January 23 to discuss logistics for the event.

Under old business, the commission reviewed ongoing business which included removing convicted sex offenders on town property.

“The sex registry that places people on sex offender status is under the realm of the state police,” said Robert Desena, commission member. He explained that the state police then places those people on that list upon conviction.

He believed that this item should be removed from old business on the commission’s agenda because there are pre-existing regulations and laws for sex offenders that are handled by the state police and it is not the responsibility of the Parks and Recreation Commission. 

Commission member Margaret Germain asked the commission if there were active or ongoing files with the town attorney regarding the sex offender list. Mr. Donston said that the commission sent information to the town attorney regarding putting signage up in town to make community members aware of registered sex offenders in the area. 

The committee agreed that it is would be best to let the state police handle any concerns. Mr. Donston said that according to Mr. Desena, “we have state, federal laws about what they can do and cannot do and if somebody has a problem, then we should just call the police department.”

The commission said that the people on these lists are required to know their regulations and the lists are open to the public.

Mr. Donston then reviewed updates on the dog park. He said that there has been $10,000 allotted from the budget to complete the fence. He said that there has been a steady amount of donations.

Mr. Donston added that he talked with Town Council Chairman Thomas Winn and they agreed that they would like to get the dog park finished.

The commission then moved to new business. Ms. Carew said the budget for Parks and Recreation was submitted Friday, January 3. 

Vice Chairman Ken LaRosa asked to amend a new business item which is to reinstate the referral program for Crestbrook Park season passes.

The commission approved the referral program. Mr. LaRosa said that if a member brought in a nonmember to sign up for a season pass, the member would receive a 25 percent discount on their own season pass.

The percent discount would increase by the number of referrals but would be limited at four because that would equal a free season pass. The person being referred must be a new member.

The commission reviewed creating an intergenerational center to combine the senior center and the community center and how it could benefit the community.

The commission ended the meeting by accepting the Crestbrook Park Senior Golf League Application and the Crestbrook Retiree Golf League 2020 Calendar of Events and League Play.

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