Watertown Designated "Red" for Covid-19 Cases

WATERTOWN — Interim Town Manager John Gavallas has alerted Watertown and Oakville residents that the state Department of Health and Human Services has designated Watertown "red" as related to Covid-19 cases.

Any community having 15 or more confirmed Covid-19 cases per day, per 100,000 population, over a 14-day period is designated red. Watertown had 15.5 confirmed cases. This data is based on Watertown’s population of 21,647.

Watertown reported 47 new confirmed Covid-19 cases for the 14-day period ending October 24. The net result was 3.357 confirmed Covid-19 cases per day over the 14-day period.

Mr. Gavallas discussed the data in a conference call with the Town Council chair, Board of Education chair, School Superintendent and Police and Fire chiefs. They concluded the following: Watertown will remain at Phase 3 at this time; schools will remain open; the Police Department will continue to pursue a campaign of educational enforcement of any violations of Covid-19 protocols. If that fails, appropriate enforcement action will be taken.

"While this recent data is cause for concern, it is not cause for panic," Mr. Gavallas said. "We must continue to be vigilant and take social distancing seriously. Please continue wearing masks and avoid congregating in large groups.

"We must not place ourselves or our loved ones in a position where there is a possibility of contracting Covid-19."

Residents may visit the town website, www.watertownct.org, for a copy of Mr. Gavallas' remarks, additional information and a link to testing locations for Covid-19.

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