WATERTOWN — Construction on Bunker Hill Road will resume on Monday, July 15.

The project, begun last summer, set up water and sewer connections to 84 homes on Bunker Hill Road, Revere Drive, Mystic Lane, Lexington Drive and Concord Drive.

The Water and Sewer Authority has been in charge of the two-year operation.

During the summer of 2018, the WSA installed the water and sewer infrastructure for neighboring Bunker Hill Road homes. Bonds approved at a referendum in 2016 funded the project. The bonds for the project raised more than $6 million.

The reason for the project were reports of poor water quality, dry wells and septic system failures in the area. Area homes will be able to connect to the town’s water network.

“It’s going to be a good benefit to the people up there,” said WSA Superintendent Vincent Caterino.

The WSA will perform final water checks before area residents connect to the water and sewer network.

Mr. Caterino said that everything should be ready in the coming four to six weeks. Residents will receive a letter alerting them when they can connect to the system.

With the water and sewer pipe work completed last year, the WSA will now focus on repaving Bunker Hill Road.

After the infrastructure on Bunker Hill Road, the road was covered in temporary asphalt patch for the winter. 

With the summer weather, the WSA will be able to replace the patchy asphalt.

According to Mr. Caterino, the project is progressing on schedule. 

Starting Monday, July 15, the asphalt patch will be torn and ground up and a fresh pavement will be applied.

“Some traffic delays are expected,” said Mr. Caterino. Throughout the summer the road will be in operation, but on occasion there will be detours or the road will be closed.

The project will be completed by September or October.

Alerts on when Bunker Hill Road will be closed will be available on the town website at http://www.watertownct.org/.

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