WATERTOWN — During the Board of Education meeting held Monday, June 22, Superintendent Dr. Rydell Harrison thanked the board members for attending the graduation ceremony, describing it as a great afternoon and evening.

He also expressed appreciation for the community effort involved in making sure the students had a special ceremony.

There was a live stream of the graduation and he anticipates that video footage will be compiled for viewing in a drive-in venue during the summer.

Switching to the start of the next school year, Dr. Harrison noted that a survey gathering feedback on this topic had closed earlier in the day.

He planned to discuss the results with an instructional reentry group and in a special board meeting on June 29 to formulate the school district’s approach to the 2020-2021 school year.

Board member Robert Makowski commented that the board should work to ensure parents were aware of the special meeting, which will be available online, in case they want to participate in the reentry process.

There were 2,422 responses in the survey, which went to all students, staff members, and parents.

Chair Leslie Crotty described the survey response as impressive and she expects good information from the results.

Dr. Harrison also reported on a new learning opportunities website has been launched with activities broken down by grade level in English, language arts, and math.

The superintendent recommended students keep their skills sharp by taking advantage of these tools, although he acknowledged that they would want something of a break after a challenging year.

In other business, board member Thomas Lambert reported as chair of the Facilities/PBC/Operations Committee to say he looks forward to the education department’s move to the new town hall.

The board approved an agreement with Frontier to provide phone services and an agreement with Connecticut Business Systems to provide services for Watertown Public Schools.

The members also accepted a gift of $719.93 from Shirley Plourde, Oakville, for Watertown High School Football, with the intent of sending a letter of appreciation.

Before adjourning, the board went into executive session to discuss attorney-client privileged communication regarding transportation contract negotiation and conduct its superintendent evaluation. 

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