Tribute to Bob Magdziarc: Newly Handcrafted Grandfather Clock Sign for Museum

Eugene “Gene” Ptachcinski stands with the newly-crafted Thomaston Historical Society Museum sign that is currently on display at the Thomaston Public Library until the end of the month of June. 

THOMASTON — The creation of a newly crafted grandfather clock sign commemorates a Thomaston resident and his ceaseless dedication to the Thomaston Historical Society and its museum. The late Bob Magdziarc, former president of the Thomaston Historical Society, was considered a font of knowledge and insight for the community and its citizens, serving as the resident walking encylopedia of the town’s history. 

Mr. Magdziarc would often host a popular program on public television where he would give an “enlightening glimpse” of Thomaston, always talking about its rich legacy of sports accolades and other historical landmarks. 

With this wealth of knowledge, Mr. Magdziarc would wait at the Historical Society Museum located on sixth floor of the Town Hall every Saturday, even though  few visitors ever attended.

Eventually, the lacking visibility of the museum gained the attention of Eugene “Gene” Ptachcinski, former co-president of the society. 

As a result, Mr. Ptachcinski decided to hand-craft a custom sign to publicize the museum in the community and commemorate the enduring legacy and memory of Mr. Magdziarc. 

“This grandfather clock sign will honor Bob and his association to the Historical Society,” Mr. Ptachcinski told the Town Times. 

In the shape of a grandfather clock, the new sign stands several feet in the air, well above Mr. Ptachcinski’s head. 

Champan Lumber generously donated the wood and students from the Thomaston High School shop team, led by Roy Carter, devised the design of the iconic clock-shaped sign. 

“We should honor Bob in many ways with the clock,” Mr. Ptachcinski said. 

Currently, the sign is on display at the Thomaston Public Library until the end of June and soon after, will be relocated to the Town Hall. 

With the passing of Mr. Magdziarc, the historical society seeks new volunteers to help maintain the museum once it reopens in the fall.

Those interested in joining the Thomaston Historical Society may contact Treasurer Tom Duffany by calling 860-283-5217. 

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