WATERTOWN — The Town Council, meeting Thursday, February 4, postponed from Monday, February 1, set a Special Town Meeting to consider a $148,085 appropriation for the “Heminway School Renovation to Watertown Town Hall Project.”

The virtual meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, February 16.

Town officials explained certain items were left off the project at the time of the renovation in order to keep the costs down. A live stream set-up in the Council Chambers should have been considered, and some safety items were left out, such as an awning over a doorway and more cameras and sensors.

The council approved a number of related bid waivers: audio visual system design and installation for the Town Council Chambers from DNR Laboratories, Westbury Park Road, Watertown, for an amount not to exceed $51,938, and additional interior and exterior cameras, motion sensors and emergency alarm systems to be installed in the Watertown Town Hall by Integrated Technical Systems, Inc., of Wallingford, for an amount not to exceed $61,697. The bid waiver allows the company that did other work in the building.

The council approved a bid waiver extending New England Materials Testing Lab LLC’s low bid from May 21, 2020, for on-call materials testing, and approved an appropriation from the General Fund in the amount of $2,785.97 for police overtime, to be reimbursed through a grant from the FBI for Gang Task Force and littering/speeding/cell phone compliance activities.

The council also discussed a referral to the Ordinance Subcommittee. The council had received a request for an ordinance for the discharge of roof leaders, footing drains and other discharges onto town sidewalks and roadways, but more information is needed from Public Works. The discussion was postponed to a future meeting.

The council accepted resignations from Anthony Deziel, Jr., as a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission, and Sabra A. Sarandrea Lorusso, as a member of the Parks and Recreation Commission.

The council made several appointment and reappointments. Reappointed was Louie Esposito, as a constable for a term to expire January, 2022. Appointments were: Heather Hayes, constable, for a term to expire January, 2022; Jeff Franson, Board of Tax Assessment Appeals, for a term to expire January, 2024; Douglas E. Antcil, Building Code Board of Appeals, for a term to expire January, 2024; Mary Ida Colangelo, Commission on Aging, for a term to expire January, 2023, and Debra Hughes, Public Building Committee, for a term to expire January, 2024.

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