WATERTOWN — The town and the Watertown Public Schools have announced a joint partnership in designing and building a “Tribute to the History and Legacy of Native Americans and Watertown” that will be located inside of the newly renovated Town Hall building at 61 Echo Lake Rd.

The joint venture will be spearheaded by Town Manager Mark Raimo and Watertown Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Alison Villanueva.

“Our histories are intertwined, from the origination of the property of Watertown through the spirit and legacy of the Watertown High School Indians,” said Mr. Raimo. “There is no better place to honor that legacy than at the Town Hall, which was once Watertown High School.”

Mr. Raimo said the tribute will feature a cabinet showcase in the main foyer of the Town Hall and will include a chronological display of the town’s history.

“The showcase will honor the origination of the town and work through the spirit the Indian has become to our teams and through the demarcation of the most recent change of retiring the WHS Indians,” he said.

“Showcasing Watertown’s own history to inform our current and future social studies curriculum is an invaluable way to integrate Oakville and Watertown’s history into our schools,” Dr. Villanueva said. “This tribute will honor the culture and history of the indigenous people of Watertown and surrounding areas and celebrate the great achievements, success and pride that Watertown High School has brought to this community on the athletic fields and in the classrooms to this very day.”

To compliment the cabinet showcase, a large W will be designed into the grassy hill located directly outside of the Town Hall’s main entrance. It is anticipated that the W will overlook Deland Field and be easily spotted from the road by those passing by.

At a Board of Education meeting on Monday, May 24, Mr. Raimo read a quote; “The very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision. It’s got to be a vision that you articulate clearly and forcefully on every occasion. You cannot blow an uncertain trumpet.”

He went on to share that, “Watertown does not need to blow an uncertain trumpet, but rather to refocus on our strengths and leadership to move forward strongly and confidently.”

That’s what this tribute is all about, Superintendent Villanueva said, “the leadership and dedication shown by legions of people in the town of Watertown and our public schools.”

Both Mr. Raimo and Dr. Villanueva agreed that the best path forward is to work collaboratively with a commitment to solutions and healing.

“Blazing a trail takes strong leadership and the dedication of many hands,” she said “The joint tribute will be the fruits of just that, leadership and dedication to the town of Watertown and the Watertown Public Schools.”

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