Thomaston Police Commission: Chief’s Report Topic of Discussion

THOMASTON – The Police Commission, meeting on Tuesday, September 17, discussed Police Chief Jeffrey Madden’s quarterly report and a communication regarding signage for a No Thru Truck sign on Carter Road in Plymouth. Chief Madden reported that the number of calls to the police department for the recent three-month period was 8,128. The increase, the chief said, can be attributed to the summer months.

Motor vehicle accidents numbered 70, including one fatal accident, which is high for this quarter.

Parking violations were 43, also high but have been managed by the police department.

Motor vehicles warnings, 71; alarms, 113; and medical calls, 222, were about the same from the last quarter.

Animal control calls were increased at 113, which can attributed to the summer months and the number of calls reporting bear sighting.

The police department completed 55 hours of radar use.

Radar use radar was focused on Clay Street, High Street, Route 254, East Main Street, Route 109 by the school zone and Watertown Road coming into town, because the speed limit reduces from 50 miles per hour to 35 miles per hour.

There were some complaints about speed on Carter Road, Atwood Road and Litchfield Street. After sending some officers to patrol the area for about a week, the issues seemed to decrease, the chief said.

Chief Madden noted in his report that there were eight motor vehicle break-ins. None were damaging, mostly just searching for unlocked cars and taking spare change.

High Street was a specific area that a motor vehicle break-in was reported. About four or five cars were broken into, however once the area was saturated with police officers, the suspects left the area.

Two vehicles were stolen in town and recovered in Waterbury. The vehicles were processed for DNA, which was sent to the lab and awaiting results. The vehicles were returned to their owners.

A current project in town is new crosswalk signs on Clay Street and High Street.

Chief Madden discussed communications for the quarter with 401, 911 calls.

The average answer time was 6.2 seconds; the police department is maintaining a six-second range.

“The standard set by the Division of Statewide Emergency Telecommunications is 10 seconds,” said First Selectman Ed Mone. “We’re remarkably better.”

Chief Madden reviewed multiple investigations currently taking place.

In recent weeks, the police department has issued multiple search and arrest warrants with positive matches for two robberies and three burglaries that are under investigation.

Three of the robberies and burglaries will be closed with arrests. The remaining cases are awaiting further evidence.

These cases have been handled by Detective Keith Koval. “All of those were through DNA hits, that he [Detective Koval] took from the scene and sent to the lab,” said Chief Madden.

There is also a case of contractor fraud that is currently being investigated.

One communication that was discussed was from the town of Plymouth.

According to First Selectman Mone, Fabienne Audette, a resident of Plymouth, requested that the Plymouth Police Commission issue a No Thru Truck sign on Carter Road.

The Plymouth Police Commission contacted the Local Traffic Authority for the Thomaston and ask them to send a request to the state Department of Transportation to review Carter Road for a No Thru Truck prohibition.

Thomaston Police Commissioners agreed they are comfortable with installing a No Thru Truck sign, understanding the limitations, such as a truck that might need to make a delivery.

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