THOMASTON — The Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission, meeting on Wednesday, September 25, discussed two applications and legal matters in an executive session for 280 Reynolds Bridge Rd.

The commission began the meeting by discussing an application for the extension of the Water Pollution Control Authority’s general permit.

The WPCA’s general permit is approaching its fifth year and needs to be extended.

The original permit was issued at a regular meeting on October 22, 2014, which ensures that the WPCA is within their deadline.

According to a letter submitted by Facility Superintendent Richard Tingle, the permit is “for general town wide maintenance activities within regulated areas subject to the original conditions.”

The activities highlighted in the letter may include limited repair and replacement of sewer lines and infrastructure, small-scale road excavation and maintenance within regulated areas.

Large-scale road excavation and/or infrastructure repairs and replacements may require separate permits.

Chairman Joseph Fainer explained that the five-year extension is permitted by the commission’s regulation.

The commission noticed the request as received.

It will be assessed at the next meeting and is available for public review.

Another application for 260 Railroad St. was brought to the commission and amended to the agenda during the meeting.

Property owner Fernando Silva is looking to construct a garage on his property. The Zoning Board of Appeals approved the addition.

The garage would be about 27 feet away from Mr. Silva’s property and about 30 feet from a nearby stream.

Mr. Silva explained that the foundation area that is being dug out would be about 50 to 60 feet away from the water source and any material he is not using will be disposed of properly.

Mr. Silva is doing the construction himself and will be adding a silt fence for the length of his property. 

In accordance with the commission’s regulation, the commission accepted the application and will wait 14 days to make a decision.

The next step is to complete a site walk, discuss and decide on an action at the next meeting.

The site walk was scheduled for 6 p.m. Friday, September 27.

The commission went into executive session to discuss legal matters for 280 Reynolds Bridge Rd., but no action was taken.

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