THOMASTON — Following an Inland Wetlands and Watercourse Commission executive session on Wednesday, July 24, the commission passed a motion to begin contempt of court proceedings against Premiere Properties, LLC of 280 Reynolds Bridge Rd. 

The commission entered an executive session to conduct a legal strategy discussion regarding 280 Reynolds Bridge Rd. at 7:33 p.m. and exited the session by 8:13 p.m.

After a stipulated judgment which was entered between Premiere Properties, LLC and the IWWC at Superior Court of Litchfield in Torrington on April 11, 2018, the commission has determined that the property owner has since been in violation of different terms of their agreement, as articulated by the IWWC. 

Cited violations included not satisfactorily fulfilling certain terms outlined within the signed Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release; submitting updated soil testings for the town engineer; reviewing onsite stormwater basins; omitting bond documentation for surety and evidence which indicates that unpermitted actions took place on the property. 

A motion was made by member Anthony Samela, seconded by member Laura Fitch and passed, finding the defendant not in compliance with the terms of the stipulated judgment and therefore requiring legal action to remedy.  

Premiere Properties owner Ryan R. Geddes, Jr. and Attorney Michael A. Fasano, Jr. attended last month’s meeting on June 26.

To remain in compliance with the judgment, Mr. Geddes claimed that he has spent a lot of money on remediation at Premiere Properties, LLC.  

When an alleged septic drainage pipe from the town was exposed, spilling out onto the adjacent 282 Reynolds Bridge Rd. property, it increased waterflow to Mr. Geddes’ 280 Reynolds Bridge Rd. property, causing an overflow of his basin. 

“I don’t need a permit to protect my property,” Mr. Geddes told the Town Times. 

With the commission citing other violations of their joint stipulated judgment between the town and company from last year, Mr. Geddes believes that he has been held to a higher standard than others in town.  

“It’s not about Premiere Properties, it’s about me,” Mr. Geddes stated.

Mr. Geddes feels he has been transparent with the commission by sharing his email correspondences between him and former Land Use Administrator and Zoning Enforcement Officer Jeremy Leifert. 

Mr. Geddes and his attorney constructed a multi-year timeline that outlines corresponding dates, which have transpired since the signing of the stipulated judgment. 

“There’s nothing but transparency here. We have nothing to hide here,” he said. 

Mr. Geddes shared his disdain about current Land Use Administrator and Zoning Enforcement Officer Stacey Sefcik, stating that he believes she is not competent. 

He expressed his dissatisfaction with Thomaston’s treatment towards local entities, especially earth-processing companies. 

“The worst place to have a business is in the town of Thomaston,” Mr. Geddes stated.  

“We are so ready to go to court. We will fight them all the way and we will do what is right for our company,” Mr. Geddes said. 

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