John Trumbull School Welcomes Assistant Principal

John Trumbull Primary School students welcomed their new assistant principal, Matthew Paylor, II, with a sign that read: “WELCOME TO JTPS MR. PAYLOR!” 

Present were (front, from left) Ashley Ramos, Douglas Barnes, Rylie MacDonald, Mario D’Occhio, Benjamin Judd, Assistant Principal Matthew Paylor, Aniya DeSousa, Noah Cheney and Elmaz Juseinoski; (center) Genaldi Merolli, Hunter Poudrier, McKenzie Way, and Chase Brunetti; and (back) Willa Zanesky, Chloe Cui, Wintyr Kish, Sawyer Autore, Giada Rolandi, Mia Flamengo, Rolanna Brush and Dillon Sullivan. (Chamberlain photo)

WATERTOWN — John Trumbull Primary School welcomed its new Assistant Principal Matthew Paylor, II, on Monday, February 3. Mr. Paylor was greeted by 600 students from JTPS, 100 band students from the Swift Middle School Band and many faculty members, including Superintendent Dr. Rydell Harrison, Director of Curriculum and Instruction Lisa Fekete, JTPS Principal Laura Meka, Supervisor of Special Education Jessica Lemos of Watertown High School, and Swift Middle School Band and General Music Instructor Rebecca Borbas. 

Students anticipated Mr. Paylor’s arrival with a countdown that was announced over the loud speaker every morning from Monday, January 27 to Friday, January 31.

The students welcomed Mr. Paylor with a banner, drawings, signs and noise makers. 

Upon his arrival, Mr. Paylor walked down the main hallway at JTPS and greeted all the students. 

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