WATERTOWN — A newly proposed text amendment to the town’s zoning regulations, if approved, would create a Planned Development District for the old Sealy property in Oakville.

The Planning and Zoning Commission, meeting Wednesday, April 7, set a Public Hearing on the proposal for Wednesday, May 5.

The text amendment, filed by attorney Franklin Pilicy, would create a PDD that will provide for general commercial, rental, professional office space and residential uses on the parcel which was recently remediated and offered for sale. 

The land was the site of a Sealy Mattress factory which was demolished in 2017.

One of the stated goals of the text amendment is to encourage the orderly development of the site and “provide an opportunity for creative and flexible architectural design.” Another goal is to “provide a public benefit with improvements and improved access to the adjacent Veterans Memorial.”

Permitted uses would include stores or shops, retail dry cleaners or laundromats, restaurants, banks, professional offices, indoor theaters or auditoriums, health or fitness clubs, and studios. 

Mixed-use site development would be permitted, but not required. Residential development would be allowed at 16 units per acre.

The text amendment would be a first step toward development of the vacant property. 

An owner would then have to file for the usual site development plans and permits.

The commission approved five other applications: construction of a three-family house at 542 Davis St.; a zoning amendment to allow an age-restricted housing development overlay district on Straits Turnpike; a drive-through at Mutual Security Credit Union; construction of an additional building in a self-storage unit facility, and a street name change.

Garden Brook Real Estate LLC appeared before the Planning and Zoning Commission originally on Wednesday, February 3, with a request for a zoning amendment to allow an “age-restricted housing development” on a 4.92-acre parcel at 470 Straits Tpke. 

The ARHa zone is an overlay district and does not change the underlying zone. 

The developer plans to construct nine units of senior housing in duplexes, to include a community room for residents.

The street name change was for a street in the Ashford Woods subdivision. Maia’s Way will now be known as J. Ryan Way.

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