WATERTOWN — The Zoning Board of Appeals, meeting Wednesday, June 23, closed three of four Public Hearings and approved the associated applications.

The fourth hearing was continued in order for members to make a site walk of the property.

The one hearing that was continued was an application from Joseph Vitone for two variances of the regulations concerning front and side yards setbacks and a variance of 14.8% building coverage to allow for a 12.4x23-foot deck addition to 253 Buckingham St. in Oakville, the location for Ordinary Joe’s.

Partner Steve Martino said the deck would provide an additional area of safety for patrons to wait or to go into and out of the establishment.

During the hearing, a neighbor questioned noise that is generated by the location, citing the smashing of bottles in early morning hours. 

Mr. Martino said he would look into that issue as it should not happen whether or not the deck is approved.

The first application approved was for a variance of 23.2 feet to the front yard setback for an existing addition to a two-family home at 59 Fairview Ave. in Oakville. 

Work had been completed without benefit of permits and the owner was there trying to straighten out any issues.

Owner Don Fitzgerald agreed to tear down a deck, which was not built correctly.

Members agreed the owner was attempting to correct outstanding issues.

The second application was for a five-foot variance to a side yard setback for construction of a 28-foot, 10-inchx28-foot, attached garage, mudroom and new porch at 103 Jenks St. 

The variance was required because the lot is small and this is the only location where the garage can be located.

The exact size is needed in order to meet the requirements of including access to a stairwell to the basement.

The third application was for two variances for a 16x12-foot shed at 170 West Rd.

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