WATERTOWN — Resident John Everitt continued his campaign to reverse a recent Planning and Zoning Commission zone map change for four parcels on Everitt Lane and two on Davis Street by appearing in front of the Conservation Commission/Inland Wetlands Agency meeting on Thursday, October 8, to oppose a plan to construct a three-family dwelling on 542 Davis St., now allowed under the newly claimed R-12.5 zone.

The previous night, Mr. Everitt appeared before the Planning and Zoning Commission to ask that body to rescind its vote on the map change, saying it was illegal because he never received notice. 

He has also appeared before the Town Council to ask for its help in getting the action reversed.

He had also appeared at the Planning and Zoning Commission the evening it made the zone map change decision, but members had voted to approve the change despite his objections.

Mr. Everitt also told this commission that there were wetlands that would be impacted by a three-family dwelling on the 542 Davis St. parcel. 

The lot would likely need to be clear-cut to create the dwelling, he said, and that would add to the impact.

Muddying the evening’s proceedings was a mistake on the commission’s agenda. Although notice on the Public Hearing had gone out and been published in the newspaper, the hearing was not listed on the agenda itself.

The commission and Attorney Franklin Pilicy, representing owner EPM Development LLC, agreed to err on the side of caution and hold the hearing both that night and to continue the hearing to the next meeting.

Professional Engineer Ron Wolff, appearing on behalf of the applicant, explained that storm-water run-off from both the roof and driveway and parking areas would be directed to an underground detention system, through catch basins and would not go into the brook.

In fact, water coming off the site and entering the brook and Everitt Lane would be reduced under the current plan, Mr. Wolff said. 

He said the current driveway would be removed and seeded with grass and the current home and shed demolished to make way for the new three-family dwelling.

Erik Markiewicz of EPM Development said he has received permission to tie in to both the nearby public water and sewer lines.

Director of Public Works Roy Cavanaugh had provided a list of questions and concerns to the commission regarding the proposal, but that letter had not yet been seen by the applicant or his representatives. 

They promised to review the letter and respond by the next meeting.

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