WATERTOWN — The Conservation Commission/Inland Wetlands Agency, meeting Thursday, November 12, voted to continue a Public Hearing on a controversial application to construct a three-family dwelling at 542 Davis St. It also tabled discussion on the application.

Neighbor John Everitt of 2 Everitt La. has been appearing before land use boards in opposition to the application since the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission agreed to a zone map change for four parcels on Everitt Lane and two on Davis Street.

The zone map change made all six parcels R-12.5, instead of R-30, with the applicant explaining the R-30 designation was a clerical error on the map. Mr. Everitt has said the notice of the meeting was vague and the parcels were always R-30, not R-12.5. Three family dwellings are allowed in the R-12.5 zone, but not the R-30 zone.

In other action, the commission approved an application by Giusseppe Polletta for installation of a drainage pipe to stop erosion of an intermittent watercourse on Lot 11, Lake View Drive.

The commission also approved an application by Dan Sirois for the construction of a new single-family home and associated driveway, onsite drainage and septic system on Lot 4, Caruso Drive.

The commission tabled discussion of violations on 30 Jericho Rd. and on Judd Farm Road.

The commission scheduled a site walk for an application by Richard Collier for construction of a new single-family home, driveway, onsite drainage and septic system for Lot 5, Caruso Drive.

In other news, the Zoning Board of Appeals, meeting Wednesday, November 18, approved the location of a motor vehicle repair service, as required by state rules. The application by Jamie McIntosh will now be reviewed by the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

Mr. McIntosh currently operates a collision/body work repair business at 29 New Wood Rd. That business will be relocating to 510 Main St. in Oakville. Mr. McIntosh said he does collision and related service work only.

Assistant Planning and Zoning Enforcement Officer Moosa Rafey said everything needed for the business already exists at the new location as it was previously a car dealership. The business will be moving into the lower level area where the old service department was located.

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