WATERTOWN — Garden Brook Real Estate LLC appeared before the Planning and Zoning Commission on Wednesday, February 3, with a request for a zoning amendment to allow an “Age Restricted Housing Development” on a 4.92-acre parcel at 470 Straits Tpke.

Land Use Administrator Mark Massoud said the ARHa zone is an overlay district and does not change the underlying zone. The commission needs to conduct a Public Hearing as the first step in the process.

According to Section 54 of the zoning regulations, ARHa specifically refers to an age-restricted housing development set on a parcel of land from four to 10 acres in size. It must have public water and sewer, and it is restricted to certain main roads in town, including Straits Turnpike.

Each unit shall have at least one resident age 55 or older unless otherwise provided. No individual who has not attained the age of 21 years may live in a unit for more than 30 days within a calendar year.

The developer plans to construct nine units of senior housing in duplexes, to include a community room for residents. Commissioners set a Public Hearing on the proposal for Wednesday, March 3.

Commissioners continued a Public Hearing for a site plan/special permit for a three-family dwelling at 542 Davis St. to March 3 as the Inland Wetlands Commission has not yet made a ruling on the application.

Commissioners also held an informal preliminary discussion on a request by Karen Kalenauskas to use an adjacent town right of way as an access to a proposed one-lot subdivision on a 42-acre parcel that is bordered by Sandbank and Middlebury Roads.

The land is currently used for farming. The one building lot would be used to construct a home for a family member.

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