WATERTOWN — The Watertown Public Works Department announced that the following streets are scheduled to be swept beginning on Monday, April 5 through Friday, April 16, weather permitting.

Adams Road, Atwood Court, Augusta Street, Bangor Street, Beach Avenue, Birch Street, Booth Avenue, Borowy Drive, Botelle Street, Bowers Street, Bruce Street, Burnham Street, Burton Street, Bushnell Street, Caroline Circle, Carson Street, Carter Street, Cedar Ridge Drive, Charlotte Street, Chase Street, Cliff Street, Cobb Street, Collins Street, Crestwood Avenue, Cummings Street, Depot Street, Dinunzio Road, East Street, Eaton Street, Echo Lake Road (Main Street to Rt. 262), Edge Road, Edgewood Road (Oakville), Eustis Street, Falls Avenue (Sunnyside to Sylvan Lake Road), 

Franklin Avenue, Frost Bridge Road, Gilbert Lane, Golfview Court, Gorham Street, Greenwood Street, Hadley Street, Hart Street, Heminway Park Road, High Street, Hilltop Drive, Houlton Street, Howland Street, Ice House Road, Innes Road, Jason Avenue, Jenks Street, Jenta Lane, Knowlton Street, Lake Road, Lakeview Drive, Laurel Ridge, Ledge Road, Lisbon Street, Longview Avenue, Mainstruck Circle, Mallory Road, McLennen Drive, Meadowview Court, Millikin Street, Monroe Street, Morin Street, Mt. Fair Drive, Nicollis Road, Nilson Avenue, North Street (Oakville), Northwest Drive, Norway Street, Nova Scotia Hill Rd /Lower, Oak Drive, Old Colonial Road, Orient Street, Parkman Street, Partridge Court, Paxton Street, Pheasant Ridge Drive, Pine Ridge Drive, Pine Ridge Drive Ext., Porter Street, Portland Street, Pythian Avenue,  Quadrato Drive, Ridgeway Avenue, Ripley Street, Saco Street, Shaw Farm Road, Shelter Hill Road, Siemon Company Drive, Silk Street, Slade Street, Stanley Avenue, Sunny Lane, Sunnyside Avenue, Sylvan Lake Road, Vista Drive, Westbury Park Road, Winthrop Street, Woodgate Circle.

Residents on these streets are requested not to park on the street until after the streets are swept.

Residents wishing to sweep their sand into the streets are requested to spread it out evenly and not leave piles of sand as the sweeper is not equipped to remove piles of sand/leaves.

Questions regarding this program may be addressed to the Public Works Department at 860-945-5240.

This schedule will be published on the Town of Watertown website: www.watertownct.org.

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