Vjolca Mustafi Chosen as Paraeducator of the Year for Watertown Schools

Vjolca (Viola) Mustafi, a paraeducator at Polk Elementary School, has been chosen as the WPS 2021-22 Paraeducator of the Year.

WATERTOWN — Watertown Public Schools states that Vjolca (Viola) Mustafi, a paraeducator at Polk Elementary School, has been chosen as the WPS 2021-22 Paraeducator of the Year. Ms. Mustafi was among seven outstanding paraprofessionals who were nominated by school staff. Ms. Mustafi immigrated to the United States from Macedonia when she was school age. She was the first generation of her family to attend school in America.

It may be that these first experiences as a student unable to understand English while spending the whole day trying to acclimate, shaped Ms. Mustafi’s passion to work with children.

She recalls that at the time, the teacher’s aides watched over her and assisted her with learning English, understanding the directions of the teachers and making friends. 

These are some of the same contributions  Ms. Mustafi brings to the students and the staff at Polk Elementary School.

Ms. Mustafi is a longtime resident of Watertown and both of her children have been educated in Watertown Public Schools.

She dedicates her efforts to the students and staff at Polk Elementary School as if they are her own family, insuring that she adds to their success and happiness each day. 

She takes initiative in all that she does which in turn results in seamless support and instruction, whether that be in a classroom, playground, small group or the lunchroom.

Ms. Mustafi is always at the ready with high energy and creative ideas. 

She described her journey as a paraprofessional, tackling challenges with students and guiding them to their successes: “No matter how steep the hill, the view from the top is amazing.”

Ms. Mustafi is one of many shining stars who provide support to students and staff across the district. Please share in our recognition of this year’s paraprofessional nominees:

Rovena Cavallo, Swift Middle School; Val Kllobocishta, Swift Middle School; Oceanna Roach, Polk Elementary School; Susan DiStasi, Watertown High School; Kathy Pilecki, Judson Elementary School, and Susan Chowaniec Judson Elementary School.

We are fortunate to have Ms. Mustafi represent Watertown Public Schools and wish her luck in her application to be considered for the State Anne Marie Murphy Paraeducator of the Year Award.

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