Thomaston’s Alexander Thornberg: Student Wins at Invention Convention

Thomaston High School eleventh grader Alexander Thornberg placed third in his grade as Connnecticut’s representative at the National Invention Convention which was held at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Mich.  

THOMASTON — One of Thomaston High School’s top students, 11th grader Alexander Thornberg, participated and placed third overall among 11th graders, winning a medal and certificate at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Mich. at the National Invention Convention, a national-level STEM competition which requires students to design, build and present an invention to a group of judges.

He was selected to represent Connecticut at the National Invention Convention after competing in the Connecticut Invention Convention.

At the Connecticut Invention Convention, Alexander was among the top high school award winners, defeating dozens of other high school competitors and earning top awards.

Alexander’s invention, Highway Safety and Tire Reuse is a plan to use old tires to provide cushioning on cement Jersey barriers, thereby recycling the tires and improving the safety of the barriers.

He researched how many old tires were discarded each year in his hometown of Thomaston, and how many miles of Jersey barriers there were in the area.

Then, he calculated how the tires could be collected and fitted to the barriers.

Alexander’s research included interviews with the staff of a local tire store and with members of the state highway department.

He also designed a way for the tires to be cut in half and attached to the Jersey barriers.

Alexander used cement to form a miniature scale model of a Jersey barrier onto which he wired small tires to show how the invention would look, making his invention both a tangible product and a well thought out plan.

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