Thomaston: Rotary Names Student of the Month

Thomaston High School senior Alfred Valero has been named the Rotary Club student of the month for November. (Chamberlain photo)

THOMASTON — Thomaston High School senior Alfred Valero has been named the Rotary Club student of the month for November. Alfred is the vice president of the Senior Class Council, mentor for students at Black Rock School and a general tutor to students at the high school. He also participates in indoor and outdoor track during the winter and spring.

Within the community, Alfred volunteers for TOPSoccer, a program for students with mental, emotional or physical disabilities.

“That’s something I really love doing because I love soccer and I love helping kids,” he said.

Additionally, he took donations for the Salvation Army during the holidays, and remembers a man donating $100 last year.

Alfred is not sure yet where he is going to college, but has applied to many schools and has been directly admitted to the University of St. Joseph.

He aims to stay in or near the state, and has looked at many directional colleges including Western Connecticut State University and Central Connecticut State University.

His top choice is the University of Rhode Island. He would like to study nursing.

During his time at THS, Alfred said his favorite courses have been mostly science, specifically biology.

He is currently taking a certified nursing assistant course, which trains students about the nursing field and the state test.

If students pass, they will have a CNA after they complete the course and can apply for related jobs.

Alfred is taking several UConn Education College Experience courses.

These are courses that are taught by teachers that have been certified to teach the course, which allows students to participate in a college level course in a high school setting.

Students are able to receive college credit and can learn what a college course load is like.

Alfred said that the two ECE courses he liked were UConn history and UConn rhetoric and law.

During the UConn rhetoric and law course, he got to participate in mock trial and although the course was difficult, he felt that he learned a lot.

He said that he would miss everything about THS, including his friends, teachers, the small size and the general atmosphere of the school.

“Everyone’s their own person here,” said Alfred.

His favorite memory at THS was being with his friends and doing track. He remembers that his four-by-one relay team came in second place in the entire league.

Another interesting fact about Alfred is that he likes to sing.

As the November student of the month, Alfred was honored at a Thomaston Rotary Club luncheon Thursday, November 14 at the Black Rock Tavern.

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