For Veterans’ Park: Rotary Donates Friendship Swing Set

The Watertown Rotary Club recently donated and installed a Friendship Swing at the Jumping Jack Playground area at Veterans’ Park.

WATERTOWN — Can’t we all use a little extra friendship right now?

The Watertown Rotary Club believes we can, and they have backed that belief up at Veterans’ Park.

The Rotary recently donated and installed a Friendship Swing with the help of a Rotary District grant, which provided a portion of the funds for the swing, one of three proposed pieces of equipment to be added to the park.

“The Friendship Swing is a two-seater with its own frame, in which the riders face each other which encourages face to face interaction during play,” said Margret Warner, Watertown Rotary Club and Foundation president.

The swing was installed this month, in the Jumping Jack Playground portion of Vets. Phase I of the playground project was completed in 2017 by the Rotary Club with support from the Watertown Foundation and the Lion’s Club of Watertown/Oakville.

The other two exciting pieces of equipment include a double-bay zip line called a Zip Krooz, which includes an assisted seat for children with special needs in one of the bays.

The We Go Round is an inclusive, wheelchair accessible mini merry-go-round that will allow children of all abilities to play together.

“The Watertown/Oakville community has been incredibly supportive of this project, generously donating to the Jumping Jack Playground cause through multiple fundraisers and a GoFundMe page (,” said Ms. Warner.

The Rotary Club of Watertown is actively involved in service within the community and generously gives back to the town of Watertown, even despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

“We as a club are looking forward to the day when children can play again at the playground,” said Ms. Warner.

For additional information or to make a donation, those interested may call Ms. Warner at 860-459-8484.

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