Watertown History Museum to Reopen With New Exhibits and Programs

WATERTOWN — The Watertown History Museum at 401 Main St. will soon re-open to the public. Over the past year, the staff have been renovating the new building and volunteers have created two new exhibits celebrating the stories of Watertown and Oakville families and individuals. Based on the research and insights of storytellers from the museum’s past like Florence Crowell, Jan Guidess, William Cleveland, Ruth Getsinger, John Pillis, Stephanie Lantieri and many others, the new exhibits focus on Watertown and Oakville’s unique history and people.

In the main building, “Stories in Service: In War and in Peace” honors those who served in the military or supported war efforts as civilians from colonial times through World War II. 

As part of this exhibit, it is hoped museum visitors from Watertown and Oakville will add more stories of service, about their own experiences or those of a relative.

In the Annex, “Milking Memories” provides information about local dairy farms. 

A large interactive map provides the location of local farms from the past, and “What? Is? That?” will feature unusual objects and invite museum guests to share a story (real or fictional) about the item. Guest stories will then be featured in upcoming displays.

Kid-friendly activities are planned also, including learning how to use a signaling mirror like the one used by World War II Plane Spotters; create ear markings for pretend pets like 18th century farmers; and discover how to make butter as one’s ancestors did.

The museum is still under construction and planning more exhibits.

Museum hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesdays and Saturdays. Those seeking more information may visit watertownhistorymuseum.org or contact Curator Diane Ciba, curator@watertownhistorymuseum.org.

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