At Flanders Nature Center: Bluebird Nest Box Programs Set

Bluebird nest box building programs are scheduled for 2 p.m. Saturday, February 15 and 29 at Flanders Nature Center and Land Trust in Woodbury. Emma Stirk of Wolcott built a box at the program with her family last year.

WOODBURY — Master naturalist Dr. Edward Boisits will conduct bluebird nest box building programs at 2 p.m. Saturday, February 15 and 29 at Flanders Nature Center and Land Trust. Dr. Boisits will touch on the history of the Eastern Bluebird and discuss the role of the bluebird nest box initiative in helping to increase populations of the beautiful birds to sustainable levels. Following the slideshow presentation, participants will build their own nest box using kits provided.

The only bluebird species found in New England, Eastern Bluebirds were once common throughout Connecticut but have declined in numbers. 

One significant factor to this decline is the lack of suitable nesting spots needed to successfully raise their young.

The construction of nest boxes and their establishment in appropriate habitat is helping the bluebird make a comeback. Flanders’ ongoing bluebird program has helped bring dozens of Eastern Bluebirds back to the area.

All the materials needed to build a bluebird box will be provided at the programs and participants will create their own nest box to take home. 

Information and tips needed for installing and maintaining a successful bluebird nest box will also be covered.

Both sessions will meet at the Flanders Studio located at the corner of Flanders and Church Hill Road.

There is a fee. The program is suitable for adults and families.

Preregistration is required. Early registration is recommended as space is limited for this popular program.

Those interested may register online at or call 203-263-3711, ext. 12, for more information.

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