WATERBURY — Angie Matthis, executive director of the Greater Waterbury Health Partnership, has announced that GWHP has been awarded more than $100,000 in combined grant funding from the Connecticut Health Foundation and the ION Bank Foundation. 

According to Ms. Matthis, $77,500 of the funds will be directed towards the organization’s long-term goal of developing a Community Care Team and $25,000 will support regional exploratory work to build the area’s capacity as a Health Enhancement Community under the State Innovation Model.

The newly acquired contributions will begin building the infrastructure of the CCT by developing staff, formalizing partnerships with community organizations and clinical providers and assessing data collection capacity.

Two co-applicant partners, New Opportunities and Waterbury Hospitality Center, will be participating in the first year of this project through their services addressing homelessness and care coordination.

The CCT works to coordinate care between clinical providers and community organizations. GWHP’s CCT will serve as a regional partnership of community-based healthcare and social service providers who will meet regularly to address the needs of the city’s most vulnerable people through referral and intensive case management.

By linking clinical providers to community organizations such as homeless outreach, food pantries or treatment and mental health services, CCT’s model is positioned to lower rates of emergency room utilization and better support the treatment of chronic diseases and unmet social needs.

“GWHP is so fortunate to have the community backing of foundations like ION Bank and Connecticut Health Foundation that recognize and support the value of work that connects dots in the health landscape to reduce health disparities,” said Ms. Matthis. 

“We are thrilled to be working with both of them on these projects.”

Additionally, GWHP was awarded funds from the state Department of Public Health/Office of Health Strategy to continue work as a possible Health Enhancement Community.

Funds from the state will support a three-month exploratory process to assess community partners in suburban areas of the Greater Waterbury region and potentially formalize partnerships with them.

The scope of work with the state also includes an assessment of partners outside of the region for a possible expansion of the service area under a Health Enhancement Community model.

Through these collaborative efforts with existing partners, GWHP aims to provide a more equitable health landscape that fully addresses the needs of community members, patients and clients and eliminates fragmented health care.

Those seeking additional information may call Angie Matthis at 203-756-8021, ext. 3993, or email amatthis@staywellheatlh.org

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