Tribury Rotary Collects Donations for the Salvation Army in Waterbury

The Tribury Rotary collected much needed donations for the Salvation Army located in Waterbury. Tribury Rotarians Irene Hanley (left), and Lucy Warren presented a donation check to Capt. James Bang, commanding officer from the Salvation Army in Waterbury.

MIDDLEBURY-SOUTHBURY-WOODBURY— The Tribury Rotary collected much needed donations for the Salvation Army located in Waterbury.

Lucy Warren, who led the project, was the recipient of an Distinguished Service Award from the Tribury Rotary, and as part of the Award, Ms. Warren was able to choose which organization would receive a donation from the Tribury Rotary.

Ms. Warren and Rotary member Irene Hanley presented the check to the Salvation Army. Capt. James Bang, commanding officer with the Waterbury Salvation Army, received the donation on behalf of the Salvation Army.

Capt. Bang was elated to see all the donations made from those in surrounding towns. “This time of year, especially when it gets very cold, our guests need more help with warm clothing, and we are so fortunate that we are blessed with the graciousness of our communities.”

The Tribury Rotary kindly reminds fellow community members to include the Salvation Army and other shelters and food banks with donations during these difficult times, and especially during the Christmas holiday.

For more information, call 203-263-7523 or visit

The Tribury Rotary, a 501(c)3, seeks to perform varied service projects, to help all different causes, charities, and groups.

Those interested in making a tax-deductible contribution may make them at, or by mailing a check to Tribury Rotary, P.O. Box 956, Southbury, 06488.

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