Quassy Notes Educational Offerings

MIDDLEBURY — Students will be able to participate in several educational programs this season at Quassy Amusement and Water Park. Fun with Physics is a 38-page scholastic booklet that incorporates a variety of experiments using rides within the park. The project has been accredited by the American Association of Physics Teachers and contains roller coaster physics with the formula for determining the average speed of a coaster.

The family-owned park offers the Wooden Warrior and Little Dipper so students can conduct experiments.

They can also use an accelerometer to complete a number of questions related to the gigantic pendulum motion of the Tidal Wave swinging ship.

“Our physics booklet really provides an exceptional educational experience for students while visiting the park,” Quassy President Eric Anderson said. “Teachers have the opportunity to assign as many projects as they want and there’s something in there for most grade levels.”

For younger students, the park offers It’s Elementary, a series of worksheets specifically designed for elementary classes that includes spelling and math quizzes as well as art assignments.

Schools wanting to participate in a self-guided physics tour are invited to participate in Commotion About Motion.

The associated worksheets offer a number of visual experiments students can enjoy while walking through Quassy.

Teachers will receive a coaching and answer sheet for the tour when they arrive at the park and download the free educational materials for all three programs at www.quassy.com/group-rates-catered-outings/school-trips.

Schools are encouraged to make reservations for Wacky Science on the Stage, 25-minute programs that take place at the Carousel Theatre stage.

Quiz Show Mania is the park’s version of a popular educational game show for students, complete with electronic scoreboards, sound system and a Quassy host.

School field trips run from May 29 through June 19. Advance field trip reservations are available by calling the office at 203-758-2913.

More information is available at www.quassy.com.

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