Publisher Named Paul Harris Fellow

Prime Publishers President Rudy Mazurosky  received the Paul Harris Fellow Award and Ruby Pin from Tribury Rotary President Alon Sapir.

MIDDLEBURY-SOUTHBURY-WOODBURY — The Tribury Rotary recently awarded Rudy Mazurosky a Paul Harris Fellow Award and his first Ruby Pin from the Rotary during his tenure as a member of the Rotary organization. The first Ruby Pin signifies the seventh level (Paul Harris plus six) of donations contributed to the Rotary Foundation.

The Paul Harris Fellow recognition is extended to any individual who contributes, outright or cumulatively, to the annual fund or PolioPlus or as sponsorship of a portion of a foundation grant.

The recognition consists of a certificate and pin.

Mr. Mazurosky has been an active member of the Tribury Rotary since March 1990. He is president of Prime Publishers, Inc., and publisher of Voices and Town Times newspapers. The family owned and operated business has offices in Southbury and Watertown.

The Tribury Rotary is active in the “Tribury” towns of Woodbury, Southbury and Middlebury and looks to support local causes with donations or helping out with member efforts.

Currently, the Tribury Rotary is mounting a fundraiser by selling raffle tickets with various monetary prizes and other locally donated gift cards and items. Those interested in purchasing a raffle ticket for $20 may call the Tribury Rotary at 203-263-7523.

Tickets are also available at the Southbury branch of the Savings Bank of Danbury.

Those seeking membership information may call Tribury Rotary President Alon Sapir at Savings Bank of Danbury, located in Southbury at 917-476-5152, or past president Ron Webb at 203-808-2266.

Meeting information can be found at

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