Hospital Installs New Record Keeping System

TORRINGTON — Charlotte Hungerford Hospital is changing its current electronic health medical record system to a new platform this month. CHH is making this change to a new electronic medical record system as part of its commitment to the standard of quality and safety and to improve the way the hospital delivers care.

When fully implemented, this new electronic health record will put everyone on the care team on the same page, including the patient, providers and specialists that will instantly be able to see health records, latest test results and other critical data.

In the new system, all of the patient’s medical information will be in one place, which allows providers to have quick access to it wherever it is needed and enables caregivers to coordinate care more efficiently. One record helps prevent duplicate testing and enables safer management of patient medication.

“Moving to this new electronic medical record system has been a significant and complex job of installation, training and process improvement for our staff,” said Dan McIntyre, president of CHH and senior vice president of Hartford HealthCare. “We’re working every day to ensure that our services and providers are more integrated and accessible.”

CHH staff have undergone months of specialized training to prepare for the transition and will have many colleagues from within the Hartford HealthCare system on hand before, during and after the implementation to ensure a smooth transition.

In the beginning of the conversion, patients at the hospital and off-site medical practices may experience slight delays in processing information.

“During this transition, we ask for your patience as your caregivers become more familiar with our new system,” said Candace Carlson, CHH director of IT.

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