SHELTON — Led by Naugatuck Valley Health District and Griffin Hospital, seven local organizations are partnering to survey pregnant women in the Valley, in order to better understand their health needs and choices. 

The survey will help identify possible barriers to optimal health of both the mother and the baby, during pregnancy and after the baby is born. 

Factors include conditions in the home and the community, healthy choices by the mom during pregnancy, and access to health care and other services.

Local obstetrics practices are making the survey available to their pregnant patients, and it’s also available on line, in both English and Spanish. 

To encourage participation, women who complete the survey are eligible to be entered in a raffle for the chance to win a car seat, a handknit baby blanket and a $25 Visa gift card. The first of three winners was picked on the first day of spring; winner #2 will be drawn on Mother’s Day; and a 3rd winner will be named during the summer.

“It’s been challenging to get our survey out to pregnant women when so many regular community events aren’t happening because of the pandemic,” noted Cathi Kellett, Community Outreach, Safe Kids and Special Programs Coordinator at Griffin Hospital. “We’re trying to get the word out through websites and social media as well as local doctors’ offices.” Jessica Kristy, director of health at Naugatuck Valley Health District, agreed. “This is part of our overall strategy to build a healthy Valley for everyone, and that starts with the health of our moms and their newborns.”

The prenatal survey takes only about 5-7 minutes to complete online. 

It’s available at these two sites: and Pregnant women in the Valley are encouraged to participate.

For more information, call Cathi Kellett at Griffin Health, at 203-732-1337 or Joan Lane at Naugatuck Valley Health District, at 203-881-3255, ext. 111.

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