Cancer Survivors Begin Organization to Give Back to Other Patients

Jessica Stewart and Cath Pezze of Loved learned of a need for a new bench at the Charlotte Hungerford Cancer Center. Today a new bench sits outside of the building as a welcoming spot for patients and visitors to rest at the center, made possible from donations from the Loved supporters.

TORRINGTON — Jessica Stewart and Cath Pezze formed a friendship during radiation treatments at the CHH Cancer Center and, because of their shared personal experiences, decided to reach out to their community connections and rally local businesses and individuals to donate items to fill Loved Bags with comfort care essentials for cancer patients. 

Over the past few years, they have received an outpouring of support and have filled and donated hundreds of bags to the Center’s patients.

The team’s mission is to give back to those receiving treatment for cancer.

The idea of Loved began to let others going through the journey of this disease know that they are not alone. 

When the two learned of the need for a new bench at the CHH Cancer Center, they reached out to their supporters. 

Today a new bench sits outside of the building as a welcoming spot for patients and visitors to rest.

“Cath and I have a mutual passion for giving back and helping others. We couldn’t be more grateful to our families, friends and community members who have supported our work and made it possible for us to continue our mission to share the love with those who are fighting cancer,” said Jessica Stewart.

For those interested in encouraging the mission of Loved, contact Jessica Stewart at 860-806-1825 or

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