Judea Garden plans annual Open Garden at Macricostas Preserve

WASHINGTON — On August 26 from 3 to 5 p.m., Steep Rock Associations’ Judea Garden will hold its annual Open Garden at Macricostas Preserve, 124 Christian Street, New Preston. Visitors, volunteers, and friends are welcome to explore the beautiful garden; enjoy refreshments; and learn about nettles and soils from summer interns Teddy Eichen and Matt Minicucci.

Judea Garden, a Steep Rock Association community project, plays a key role in serving the town of Washington, Conn., and beyond. What began as a small organic community garden in Washington has grown to serve people in surrounding towns including New Milford, Torrington, and Warren. What began as a handful of volunteers now involves dozens of hardworking gardeners, sponsors, local businesses, and community groups. This year, Judea Garden will honor two local organizations who have been volunteering and growing crops since the first season in 2009: the Greater Washington Coalition of Jewish Life and the First Congregational Church of Washington.

“Our goal is to provide fresh food for members of our community with limited means,” explains one of the garden’s founders, Denise Arturi of Washington. “We also want to give volunteers a chance to help their neighbors—and to give students a unique learning experience.” As our ninth summer draws to a close, we invite visitors, volunteers, and friends to celebrate another successful year in the garden.

Steep Rock Association is a nonprofit land trust that conserves ecologically and historically significant landscapes in and around Washington, Conn., and the Shepaug River Valley and enhances the community’s connection with nature.

In pursuing its mission, Steep Rock Association: Uses best management practices to maintain and manage the lands entrusted to it for passive recreation, the protection of native flora and fauna, and to support sustainable agriculture; Raises environmental consciousness by enhancing the community’s knowledge and appreciation of nature and its awareness of Steep Rock’s on-going contributions to the culture and history of the Town of Washington; Pursues land-based non-commercial activities that benefit both Steep Rock Association and the community.

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