WATERTOWN — Was it hot? Yes, it was. Was it humid? Yes it was. Did either of those factors prevent people from attending the Watertown Farmers’ Market on July 26? No, they did not. A steady stream of customers parked and made their way into the weekly shopfest, but not before donning face masks and following signs which directed them to merchants who were offering everything from fresh fruits and vegetables, coffees, jams and jellies, candles and baked goods as well as jewelry and clothing and many other products from around the area.

Entertainment was also on the menu at the Market’s location at the Town Garage #2 on Thomaston Road.

Sales were brisk as the crowds moved along, sharing stories with the merchants while surveying the available products.

The Market, which began the 2020 season on June 21 and will run (with Covid-19 ever-looming) through October 18 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., has proven to be a popular destination with families and individuals who prefer their goods locally-grown or manufactured.

The event, which has become known for it’s theme days, is playing it close-to-the-vest this season due to the pandemic, but has not entirely abandoned the concept of making the time spent for visitors to have fun, as music and artisans make the trip a colorful and joyous one.

In these trying times, we’ll take all of the color and joy that we can get.

For additional information about the Farmers’ Market, contact Market Manager Claudia Duhamel at farmersmarket@watertownct.org or call the Watertown Parks and Recreation Department at 860-945-5246.

Don’t let the heat and humidity stop you, bring your mask and enjoy.

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