THOMASTON — The Ten-2-One Artists have partnered with the Thomaston Public Library for a virtual art show accessible on the library’s web page beginning on Thursday, April 1 through June 5. The artwork may be viewed anytime at Artwork is for sale, with a portion of the proceeds to benefit Friends of the Thomaston Public Library.

The artists have been gathering and painting together for eight years. 

Their open studio sessions, at the Crescent Gallery in Town Hall, are 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Thursday. 

The artists paint, talk, laugh, and share their knowledge and passion for art as they create. The finished works then dress the walls of the Crescent Gallery, which also serves as a community space for local meetings.

As good neighbors to the Thomaston Opera House, the artists would open the gallery which is just a few steps from the box office to serve as a waiting room where guests could gather before performances, giving patrons a chance to meet the artists, view the artwork, and relax before the show.

The Covid pandemic changed everything. Some of the artists gathered outside throughout last summer and into the fall, at Nystrom’s Park. 

Others continued to paint in their home studios. Looking for a way to show their work, they reached out to the library.

“We are so happy that the Thomaston Public Library has helped us put together a virtual art show. 

The Ten-2-One Artists have volumes of work. Painting is much like reading a book: you finish one, and start another,” said Pat Piscopo, one of the contributing artists and coordinator of the art show.

Area artists contributing their work are Deborah Apostolico, Molly Barnes, Paul Edwards, Cassandra Guidess, David W. Jean, Bill Lutkus, Patty MacIver, Pat Piscopo, Susan Coppola, Carmina A. Ayazides, Bob Brophy, Mark Wells, Judi Kontout, Robert W. McEvoy and Skip Marsh.

Visitors to the virtual art show who are interested in purchasing a painting are asked to call the library at 860-283-4339, or email Alexa Potter at the library, at 

They will be given information on payment options and a date will be arranged for picking up the painting.

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