Artist of the Month: Hospital Exhibits Erickson Art

Bethlehem resident Virginia Erickson’s artwork “Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse will be on display with her other works that can be viewed and purchased in the hospital’s main lobby hallway until early August at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Auxiliary, 540 Litchfield St.

TORRINGTON — The Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Auxiliary is featuring the artwork of Virginia Erickson until early August in the hospital’s main lobby hallway, 540 Litchfield St.

The public is invited to view and purchase the works during regular visiting hours as part of the Auxiliary’s ongoing “Artist of the Month” program.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of the artwork support the CHH Auxiliary and Charlotte Hungerford Hospital.

Virginia Erickson is a resident of Bethlehem.

As a lifelong admirer of watercolor paintings, Ms. Erickson vowed to learn the technique upon her retirement as a middle school teacher in Southbury.

Her daughter encouraged her mother’s aspirations by giving her a set of paints and paper.

During her last month of teaching, she noticed a sign outside Bethlehem’s Bellamy-Ferriday House inviting people to learn to paint a spring bouquet.

Since then, Ms. Erickson has been painting under the direction of Bethlehem artist and teacher Betsy Rogers Knox.

Using a variety of techniques, she has created paintings that also serve as poignant memoirs to her family.

Displayed in her son’s home is a rendition of twin lighthouses on Thacher Island off the Massachusetts coast, which was the view where he proposed to his wife.

She painted a picture her daughter took while visiting Copenhagen which won a blue ribbon and the People’s Choice Award at the Bethlehem Fair.

Hanging in her living room is a painting of Indian corn, a subject she had always dreamed of painting.

The Auxiliary’s “Artist of the Month” program has been featuring paintings, photographs and artwork each month from local artists for more than 25-years.

More than 200 member supporters assist in raising money for the hospital through dues, donations, volunteering at the gift shop as well as a variety of events including an annual fashion show.

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